Helping busy corporate women to feel

calm and confident in their fertility journey.

Feeling done with?

  • Spending hours in a google spiral late at night looking for answers in every article, blog and website?
  • Reading all the books you could get your hands on but still feel overwhelmed and not sure where to start?
  • Trying it ALL and still no baby?

Up until now, you have probably succeeded at whatever you put your mind to

You were told that if you try hard, you can achieve anything. Good grades, finished the marathon, got your next work promotion.  You did it by studying, listening, working hard, applying and committing to success.

So now you are applying the same philosophy to conception but this time, all that hard work is NOT paying off. So what is going on?


Ready to feel supported, calm and back in charge?

How I can support you

Every session you have with me is a unique experience designed to enhance your life and your chances of conceiving. This is a personalised and supportive space to focus on your experience and help you find the tools that work best for you.

I have an 40+ support group on Facebook to provide a community of support and guidance as you TTC. Click on the link to join
Fertility Support Group for 40+ women | Facebook

For the busy woman who just needs a few frameworks and tools to help her navigate a few fertility pot holes.


Kate Daly

Hi! I am Kate Daly and I am a certified ILM Coach and a fellow infertility warrior. I spent my career in Human Resources working in the fast paced Financial Services industry where I found my passion for supporting women going through infertility, especially in the busy corporate world. The one thing I wanted more than anything in this world was a baby but I was short on TIME! I found myself in the google spiral each night and exhausted from the research and appointment hopping. 

It’s now my mission to transform your journey from busy and burnt out to calm amongst the chaos. I provide a safe space for you to get things out of your head and into action. It’s time to start reconnecting with the best version of yourself and discover strategies to feel calm, confident and energised. 

Work with Me

My approach helps time pressured women strategise so you can make the best decisions about your TTC journey. 

Expect to:

  • Walk into appointments feeling calm
  • Feel energised about your age and fertility
  • Feel grounded no matter what the outcome of your next test
  • Set boundaries and priortise things that matter
  • Have the tools for a strong mind-body connection so you can feel good about your decisions